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Dario Frate / Frate Precision



A different way to intend the sound production in brass instruments is born from a careful, meticulous and some year-lasting research.

Our deep knowledge of the product, using the most modern design and production techniques, has given life to FRATE PRECISION  Professional Brass Mouthpieces. High quality brass mouthpieces for Trumpet, Piccolo trumpet, Flugelhorn and Cornet.




A different design, a classical and elegant line

High quality material for the body of the product


The stamping of the cup diameter and the number

of backbore is done by roman numbers

Cup :  I (1) II (2) III (3) IV (4) V (5) VI (6) VII (7) VIII (8) IX (9) 

      X (10) XI (11) XII (12) XIII (13) XIV (14) XV (15) XVI (16)

Backbore :    C (100)  CI (101)  CII (102)  CIII (103)  CIV (104)






All the mouthpieces for trumpet Frate Precision are available with standard lenght of the shank,

medium lenght of the shank  and short shank




Francesco Tamiati - Principal trumpet of Scala di Milano orchestra
has chosen Frate Precision Professional Brass Mouthpieces.



Angelo Pinciroli                           Massimo Longhi                                Elena Foroni



Immanuel Richter                                                  Claude Rippas



Mirko Rinaldi