MULTIRIM Frate Precision is the evolution of our Ebony model.
Now we can produce it, on customer request, with screw rim in brass silver plated or gold plated, in addition to the screw rim in ebonite.

We can make MULTIRIM version all our Classic, Heavy and Multigap mouthpieces for trumpet.

Prices of MULTIRIM mouthpiece body and screw rims:
Silverplated mouthpiece Classic, Heavy, Multigap (without rim)  € 160,00
Goldplated mouthpiece Classic, Heavy, Multigap (without rim)   € 190,00

Ebonite screw rim               € 20,00
Silverplated screw rim        € 25,00
Goldplated screw rim          € 30,00

 Available screw rims: standard, Semirounded, Large, Medium, Flat, Intermedium, Narrow, eXtralarge

TRUMPET Multirim ebonite rim
1 M

art. n. 037

Cup diameter 16,95 mm – Medium deep – Standard rim in ebonite Throat 3,66 mm – Medium backbore
Equivalency: Yamaha 16C4 – Bach 1 1/2 C – Schilke 14

€ 180,00

+ shipping cost

For other catalogued sizes or any other request, please contact us.

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