MULTIGAP, an easy way to modify the gap between the receiver of the trumpet
and the mouthpiece, by using different screw sleeves.

MULTIGAP Frate Precision allows the player to increase or decrease the gap.

The body of the mouthpiece has an external screw on the shank.
The trumpet player is given different screw sleeves, in order to adjust the correct measure of the gap.

The base kit made up of 6 screw reduction sleeves allows to increase 1.6 mm or decrease 2.4 mm.

The external diameter of the end of the shank is:
n.1  9.66 mm   n.2  9.70 mm   n.3  9.74 mm   n.4  9.78 mm (standard gap Frate Precision)   n.5  9.82 mm   n.6  9.86 mm

TRUMPET Multigap
and Sleeves
6+ M,3,106

art. n. 165

Cup diameter 17,12 mm – Medium deep – Standard rim
Throat 3,74 mm – Medium large backbore
Equivalency: Bach 1 1/4 C (26-24)
V shape of the cup for trumpet

€ 240,00

+ shipping cost

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