FRATE PRECISION Lead-free brass mouthpieces


Since nowadays people are more and more careful about safety and non-toxicity
of the products they buy, we would like to give you information about the material of our product.

Since 2006, our brass mouthpieces are made only by using lead-free brass alloy.
Brass players put in contact their lips with the mouthpiece several hours everyday,
and for us it has been a responsible choice to use a lead-free brass.

In addition, the galvanic deposit applied to our mouthpieces are exclusively
24K pure gold or 999 pure silver, without any other deposit.

EASY SIZE for Trumpet

Dear friends and customers,
now in addition to our whole range of mouthpieces for trumpet we produce and offer a small selection of sizes non-customizable. They are our most popular sizes for classical music made and engraved now only by a simple number!

Size n.1, n.2, n.3, n.5, n.7

Choose your Easy mouthpiece Frate Precision !

equivalency 1 1/2 C
cup diameter 16,95 mm
Medium deep
C shape of the cup

equivalency 1 1/4 C
cup diameter 16,95 mm
Medium deep
Slightly V shape of the cup

equivalency 3 C
cup diameter 16,62 mm
Medium deep
C shape of the cup

equivalency 5 C
cup diameter 16,35 mm
Medium deep
C shape of the cup

equivalency 7 C
cup diameter 16,22 mm
Medium deep
C shape of the cup

FABRIZIO BOSSO – Frate Precision Artist

FABRIZIO BOSSO – Frate Precision Artist

We are pleased to inform you that Fabrizio Bosso has chosen our professional brass mouthpieces.
“The sound and ease of production is impressive” his opinion about the size of mouthpiece he has chosen.
Fabrizio Bosso plays G&P trumpets.




horn mouthpieces




















FRATE PRECISION – New Horn mouthpieces

Our best quality of brass mouthpieces now available  for Horn
in different combination of cup diameter and depth, throat and shape of the rim. 

Download our  PDF catalogue  and choose among 16 different sizes your Frate Precision Horn mouthpiece! 

3 different depth of the cup; High, Medium-deep and Deep

3 different shape of the rim; rounded rim, Large semirounded rim and Flat rim

2 different diameter of the throat: Standard throat – 4,50 mm, Special throat – 4,70 mm


See the most popular sizes of Frate Precision mouthpiece
and place your order directly at the following link:

Enjoy the highest italian sound quality of Frate Precision mouthpieces for Horn.

Frate Precision Gold Plated

Optional highest quality 24k gold plating for all the models and sizes Frate Precision. Now available on request